Frequently asked questions

Where do you live?

Tyler and I live in Brooklyn, New York with our pup Atlas. We only have lived here a year and a half. Our apartment is in an area called Crown Heights - which has a super eclectic mix of West Indian people, Hassidic Jewish folks, and others. We've loved exploring Brooklyn and Manhattan and learning more about this amazing place. My family lives in Kentucky and Provo, Utah, & Tyler's family is in Park City, Utah - so we share a lot of photos from back home travels as well!

What's your and tyler's story?

We met while serving a Mormon mission in Tacoma, Washington. When we got back to BYU, we reunited and started dating. We dated for 2 years before Tyler proposed (in Central Park!). We got married in Park City, Utah a little over a year ago! For the longer version - check out my story here. 

Why "the treehouse?"

Trees have been a theme in our life.  For one of our first dates, we climbed up in a tree and sat and talked the night away. We built (well, didn't quite finish...yet!) a treehouse behind Tyler's house in the Park City mountains. Tyler proposed in a tree in Central Park. We got married in a grove of aspen trees a few summers back. Trees represent the ever-deepening love we share. 


What do you do for work?

I am a fourth grade elementary school teacher at Success Academy Charter School. I work across the street from our apartment! (Can you say best commute in all of New York?) I love my little scholars and often joke that all my best friends are 10 years old. It can be demanding work, but it is oh so rewarding. Right now I'm trying to balance keeping up this blog, starting a photography business, and working crazy long days at school! 

Tyler is primarily a student at NYU. He's studying business finance and is constantly coming up with new ideas and products to create. It's fun to be around him because he constantly keeps my risk-taking business spark going! Occasionally he will take up a new job here and there that he is interested in. He taught chess classes recently, and now works at a game shop called the Brooklyn Strategist. He also teaches piano lessons if you are interested - find his website here!

who is your photographer?

Our good friend, Chelsie Starley took most of the main photos on the blog. She is incredibly talented and fun to work with. She's based out of Utah, but can travel for big events. We recommend her to everyone we know in Utah, and she's basically our official extended family photographer! Our wedding pictures were taken by Megan Robinson - incredibly talented and fantastic. If you're planning on getting hitched, check out her film photography. 

Will you sponsor or feature my brand/product?

We accept all inquiries for sponsorship and product features. We only support companies we believe in and products we know we can get behind. Please send us a message if you are interested in working together!