the imperfect. the beautiful.

If you were to ask me where I’m from, I’d probably hesitate before saying “everywhere!” I’ve lived in a bunch of states and a few foreign countries, traveled a good amount, and come to the conclusion I’m from nowhere… and therefore everywhere.

Likewise, if you followed up that question with a “what do you do?,” you may be unsatisfied to hear me rattle off a few things and more than likely conclude with “I suppose a little bit of everything.”

This corner of my world is dedicated to embracing the complex, imperfect, and messy person I am. I’ve created a space where I can share all the passions that fill me. 

I am…

A wife, mother, daughter, sister who cherishes family relationships above all else….but sometimes gets mad and slams doors.

An artist and photographer who sees light, color, and texture dancing… and regularly fucks up my exposure. 

A storyteller who cherishes the highs and lows of her memories… though often forgets to write it down. 

A mountain hiker who feels most alive on a trail… but lives in New York City and can’t seem to get to a mountain that often.

A believer in the power of gratitude, love, and positivity… who hopes a lot and knows very little.

If you’re someone who dwells in between inspired and earnest while attempting to live out every one of your dreams, then let’s be friends. If you love to explore new creative projects, just because, then you’re my kinda people. If you find yourself happiest with your friends or fam sitting around a tasty meal discussing ideas, then come on over.  

Here’s to life. 

about us.


We’ve been married 4 years. We have a son, Anders, born August 2019. We have a puppy, named Atlas, too. 

Brooklyn was our home base until right after our son was born. Now we call Utah home. The mountains called us back.

We’re big fans of mountains and love being outside camping, hiking, biking, snowboarding. Long distance hiking (5 or more days) is our jam. We’ve hiked trails all over the world from Spain to Iceland, Peru to Japan, and lots around the US. Hoping to keep up our hiking dreams with the kiddo. 

I’m most invigorated when I’m creating something - whether that’s photography, writing, ceramics, or cooking a new recipe. Tyler loves to read and plows through books at breakneck speed. He pilots a small plane and is generally a bad ass. 

You’d probably find us cooking huge breakfasts (like every day), deep in conversation about anything from free will to business, or gardening in our terrace.  

For work, we have lots of hustles. We run an outdoor education program called Backyard Basecamp, where we teach courses to elementary students after school. Tyler teaches piano lessons. I run a trekking website called Unto Dust where I help creates and sell trail guides. We run an Airbnb out of our home and regularly host guests from all over the world.