viva mexico

Two weeks ago I realized I would have a four-day weekend off in October and my mind started to do some fast math. If I had those four days, and took one of my precious personal days, well… as a 4th grade teacher I can confidently tell you that equals a whopping total of five days. Now the importance of the number five is that it is the minimum amount of travel days to really “make Mexico worth it.” After I double checked my calculations with my calendar app, I began searching for airline tickets. Luckily we scored some maximum-time-by-the-beach flights, and in a week were en route to Mexico (that one should be pronounced Meh- he- co ;) 

We flew to Puerto Vallarta via Mexico City. We had a 10 hour night-time layover and only had time to explore the inside of our eyelids at a Fiesta Inn. We arrived in Puerto Vallarta the next morn and taxi’d to Punta Mita (about an hour away) where we stayed at a home that I believe is the actual geographic location of Heaven. Tyler’s family recently finished construction on a beach-front casa, and we were the lucky freeloaders of their generosity. 

It had been a while since we had a “Tyler & I” trip. Actually, we didn’t even have a true honeymoon escape (which means that basically every trip we take, we call “Our Honeymoon”). Obviously, Mexico is the perfect place to reenact Honeymoon vibes. You can already assume the majority of our time was spent: sunbathing, pool floating, pina colada drinking, wave jumping, … and having sex (should I have put a rating on this? haha) 

I like to keep a list of moments that help me recall feelings and experiences that I often forget about when I have the usual “How was the trip?”, “Great!” conversation. Here are some Mexico memories in a nutshell (or as they say in Mexico, a taco shell): 

  • Attempted body surfing but got caught in a seaweed monsters lair and barely made it out alive.

  • Took a day drive to Sayulita (a small nearby village with lots of colorful buildings). Turned into a short afternoon drive when Tyler and I both realized we cannot survive for more than two hours outside of emergency proximity to A/C, pool water, and ice cold mojitos. Although, we DID manage to find an amazing artisan store called Evoke, which had lots of authentic designs, but with super high quality wools, woods, and clay. We picked up a pretty woven wall hanging I’ll show you later.

  • Picked up a hitchhiker named Juan on our drive. Proceeded to see him every few stores as we walked around Sayulita, and sorta felt like a local.

  • FOOD! COMIDA! Nothing short of amazing. We had fish tacos, ceviche, pork and roast potatoes, fajitas, lamb chops, shrimp stir fry… Loose sweaters & baggy coats are going to look S’GOOD on my figure after all that food.

  • Successfully killed the largest cockroach I’ve ever beheld. And I lived in Texas for four years.

  • Watched The Martian and Hateful Eight again, and might I formally recommend both movies.

  • Remembered what it was like to pull an all-nighter not because of work but because you are having so much fun you don’t want to sleep. This included walking the beach at 2 am, making mediocre guacamole at 3 am, playing Halo with Tyler at 4 am (I never ever do this), and watching The Martian at 5am until the sun rose.

I’m just now realizing that we only left the house one time out of the four days we were there! It was really quite relaxing and lovely. However, Tyler and I both agree at the end of every trip we take, we can’t wait to go back to Brooklyn. I’ll be scrolling through instagram and see the NY skyline, or Tyler will be perusing news online and see a story about our city. Our city. It’s really feeling like home. Life is grand when going home feels like another adventure awaits! 

ps: This trip is the first time I’ve been able to use my new Canon Rebel 6 DSLR camera. I’m learning a lot, but it’s a steep learning curve! Let me know your thoughts about the photography + any experienced tips for this novice!  

hasta luego!