little sister in the big apple

Something I learned last week: If we scoot our bed one foot to the left, we can fit a queen sized air mattress under the window by it’s side, making one “double-queen” bed. How was this information ever useful to me, you might ask? Well, if you have a two bedroom apartment and family calls to visit for a week, normally you would say, sure come on over. However, if you had Airbnb guests booked for your second bedroom, you would be forced to get a little creative. My sister and her husband (and also our good friend), Jackson are not only cool enough to come visit us in New York for almost a week; they’re cool enough to have a sort of sibling sleepover on an air mattress (no forts were built, sorry to say). 

With four bodies sleeping in the same room there were some new night time routines. With one light-sensitive sleeper (me), one asthmatic (tyler), one snorer (jackson), one thrasher (alyssa), and one floppy dog, we had a fun time. Luckily love conquers all, including sleep depravation. 

This was Alyssa’s first time in New York City. Watching her head drop back to see the top floors and seeing her eyes dart back and forth from crowds of people to windows of stores was like walking down memory lane beside her. Its like watching your favorite movie with someone who’s never seen it; more interested in their reactions then in the film. We meandered down Broadway and through Soho. Little did Alyssa know, Jackson and I had sneakily bought tickets to Wicked for her birthday. We managed to wind up uptown near Times’ Square where we killed some time at a pizza parlor across the street from the Gershwin Theater. When we finished our margarita slices, we moseyed over near the theater where Jackson suggested we “take a look at prices.” Once inside (and right before Alyssa turned to leave), Jackson grabbed her in a hug and whispered “Wait, we’re going to see it tonight!” 

Yes, I loved it. Yes, “defying gravity” made me cry through the entire intermission. 

A and J entrusted us with their Saturday and Sunday planning. We wanted to show them some of our main hangs. Our top go to NY list for guests usually consists of: 

Washington Square Park

The Uncommons (Game Board Cafe)

Walk through Soho


Vespa/Motorcycle ride

Picnic in Central Park

(and of course we did all of those things with A +J)

However, if we’re really lucky, our guests will want to go to Blue Hill Restaurant with us. Tyler and I basically have a savings account purely for Blue Hill dinners (of which we’ve had three). This restaurant is the purest of all farm to table restaurants. It makes every other restaurant with claims of “fresh,” “organic,” and “farm-grown” look like McDonalds. We had the “Farmer’s Feast:” an eight course seasonal and thus ever changing menu of food grown and raised in upstate NY on the restaurant’s farm. Yep, it’s own farm. WIN! Radishes and carrots in chufa nut milk, smoked lobster with squash, farm egg in zucchini relish, three cuts of grass fed dairy cow, concord grapes in ginger milk, & cracked wheat and peaches. But the one thing that sends me over the river and through the woods is the bread and buttah! OH this stuff is amaze-balls. Cream so fresh, you may as well be licking the cow's udder. And they even sprinkle toasted seeds on top that give it a decadent crunch! Oh! I die. 

I forgot how good it feels to have family nearby. Alyssa & Jackson’s trip was just long enough that my mind almost got used to them as a permanent fixture in our New York life. Fortunately, we accomplished our not-so-covert operation: to convince them that NY should move to the top of their “Cities to Consider Moving To” list. Can’t wait to be next door neighbors, you guys ;)