weaver fever

Over the summer I found the instagram page of a beautiful artist, Maryann Moody. As I scrolled through her pieces and found other inspiration I realized I had caught the highly contagious weaver fever ;)

I was elated to find out she holds classes regularly in her studio in Brooklyn, and I quickly signed up for one a few months out. On the morning of the class, I hoped on my scooter and raced to "Industry City" an area near Red Hook with huge warehouses for rent for many artists. I found her studio space and was so thoroughly inspired I had to share with everyone. 

Studio: Bright, beautiful warehouse windows light white walls filled with weavings. Maryann had arranged looms for each student with a gorgeous selection of colorful yarns filling the middle of the tables. No detail was overlooked with mint + raspberry drinks for everyone and chocolate cupcakes for breakfast! 

Artist: Maryann was easily the best part of the morning. She has infectious optimism and a compelling story. Early in her career she worked as an art teacher in Australia, but soon realized it didn't fulfill her artistically. (side note- I've been noticing a lot of people's stories like this! Maybe I'll take the hint and move into a more artistic field! ;) She was such a poster girl for creating your own business and all the happiness that brings! I walked away from my time with her feeling high on my life potential!

Weaving: We learned a few basic knots + skills. First, how to thread a warp and begin basic weaving. My favorite, rya knots make the amazing tassles that hang beneath the weaving. I also tried my hand at cloud loops to create the texture and movement in the hanging.

I took a half finished weaving home and have been steadily completing it (mostly during presidential debate - very therapeutic ;). I'll let you know when I'm finished!

I love art and try to feed the artist in me regularly. If you've ever wanted to try some new type of art or pick up an old hobby - DO! Art is so important and I think it keeps us human :)

Enjoy the studio tour + some process photos of my project