cape cod

When I pictured Cape Cod- I pictured New England fall colors, horizons of ocean blue, and quaint lighthouses dotting the shore … and I was spot on, that is exactly what I got! But somehow, seeing the reds and oranges and browns of the leaves, smelling the fishy ocean scent, and photographing the historic lighthouses, meant so much more than my expectations prepared me for. This was truly an escape. NYC can get overwhelming and a bit stifling- especially to this mountain girl. I love that we have spontaneous neighbors, Max & Natalie, who are down to plan Saturday trips on Friday night. I’m deeply grateful to Tyler Vale, for knowing how to fly a plane ;) That definitely helps cut down on travel time. 

We flew up to Martha’s Vineyard. It was off season, and honestly we were a little meh (which means, we probably did it wrong haha). But we decided to hop across the water back to the cape. We circled past the prettiest fall trees into a teeny airport with a runway juuuust long enough for us to land. I managed to find an Airbnb on the shore of Falmouth (little old town in the south of the cape). This house oozed character: gigantic, with red siding and roofing, with a million windows, but in disrepair and damaged from the wind and water. We loved it. Most of our time was spent here along the shore looking at the view, breathing pure air, starting a midnight bonfire, and watching the dogs try to chase seagulls. 

We walked around downtown Falmouth and bounced to different restaurants for apps, dinner, and dessert. Highlight was the lobster 2 for 1 deal we snagged and Tyler taking over the Sonos music system of a dessert cafe and playing “What’s New Pussycat?” 6 times in a row ( any Jon Mulaney fans out there? If you've never heard of him please listen to this - you will laugh yourself to tears) They didn’t catch on, and even after we left, we drove near the building and connected to their wifi again to blast it one last time! haha that Tyler.



the orange blazer I'm wearing is Brooks Brothers from a few years ago - here's a similar one

my jeans - A&G 

shoes - different color here