thanksgiving 2016


This post is a little late, considering it's almost Christmas! However, I want to preserve these memories before they die in my iCloud! Tyler and I have this great thing going where we can fly across country and hit both our families. We spend the first part of our trips in Kentucky, and then  fly over to Utah for the second part. Then make the looooong journey home to NYC. It's nice because it breaks up the travel a little bit! :) 


Though my mother and father are divorced, they live about 30 minutes apart from each other in Kentucky. Makes it easy for us to go visit! Dad lives in Lexington with his new bride, Karen. Mom lives in beautiful Versailles in our old Kentucky home. This thanksgiving visit may have been short, but for me, it was very meaningful. We spent a day with each ma and pa, and I felt like it was true quality time. 


I feel so lucky that we some how managed to strike the life jackpot to be able to go between New York City and Park City regularly! Seriously, we've got a great thing going here. Not only are we able to see Tyler's family, but all three of my sisters are at BYU right now! Meaning I can kill 9 birds with one stone. (I know, horrible analogy for family members.)

We had a packed few days trying to get in as much time as we could with everyone! We were able to have a sister sleepover at Laura's apartment - lots of sister secrets to catch up on. We had a huge family game night organized by Tyler's dad Rick featuring about 15 different games in speed rounds. We managed to have a sister's photo shoot up in the mountains (it's been pretty rare over the last three years to have all of us together in one place!) Thanksgiving day was deliciously filled with family in the kitchen, each person in charge of a piece of the meal. I helped make an apple pie, the stuffing, caramels, and a raspberry pretzel jello. With fifteen pairs of hands to pitch in, the meal came together beautifully! 

Looking back at these photos makes gratitude wash all over me again. There's nothing I cherish more than time spent with my family. I love all of you. xoxo