holiday gift guide 2016




“tis better to give than to receive”

We hear that phrase often this time of year, and I think all of us can attest to its truth. I’ve always been a big fan of unique hand-made gifts of time and experience. I think of Christmases of my childhood, and how often, because of my limited allowance budget I would “resort” (as I thought of it then) to making gifts for my family and friends. Many sketches hang in my dad’s office from Christmas gifts past, my mom’s tree is crowded with play dough and felt ornaments only a mother could love. I remember glue gunning candy cane reindeers one night for my basketball teammates my freshman year, and another christmas season spent writing Tyler 20 letters to be opened at various moments of life. 

Giving is a very personal thing. Magic happens when we think about giving rather than getting. When I think about the people on my list - their styles and tastes, what they love and cherish - it helps me to feel more connected to them.  Any time I think about how to make another happy, I believe it grows the bond between us. 

With that in mind, here are a few of my favorite things that warm my heart and make me feel happy. Perhaps you will find something your close ones can also love. 



I discovered ONA through some of my favorite bloggers. After I got my first big girl camera, I set out on the hunt for a sexy strap. As I wandered through Tribeca, I stumbled into an independent camera gear store. Like the Room of Requirement, they sold the entire ONA line. (They have backpacks, briefcases, side bags, and camera straps). I hooked their cognac leather strap up to my camera, and it has been by my side ever since. 

Find my strap here.

Like the pillows or chair too?


I can't say enough about this one. Many of my friends and family's stomachs can personally vouch for the awesomeness that is the Twenty Dinners cookbook by Ithai Schori & Chris Taylor. Now, like many cookbooks the photos are amazing. Full page spreads of beautifully styled dishes. The recipes are slightly above average difficulty for most people, and sometime call for some hard to find ingredients, but the end result is as delectable as it is lovely.

But why is THIS cookbook wearing at the edges, with some stained pages, and a slowly cracking binding? This cookbook is organized in a very special way: by season. The four sections divide the dishes into dinners appropriate for the season you find yourself in. Each of the twenty dinners is complete with an appetizer or side, main dish, dessert, and often a cocktail. I kid you not when I tell you I've completely made 14 of the 20 dinners so far.... so yeah. In case there was still any doubt - this book is

Find my other fav cookbooks from Yotam Ottolenghi here.


I know I'm going to sound like a broken record by now. I really couldn't pick what order to put these in, because they're ALL amazing. Darling Magazine is especially close to my heart, because it has repeatedly touched and changed my heart. Without going into a huge back story, I used to be very religious, but have not been practicing for about two years. As someone who spent almost every day of their life with studying a book of how to be a good person, I desperately needed a replacement. Darling Magazine was that. I don't mean to compare this to the voice of god, by any means, but I do want you to know there are deeply inspiring articles, stories, creative writings, and photography in this quarterly subscription.

Magazine doesn't mean what it used to. Darling comes to my door every 3 months. The pages are made of thick, heavy weight paper. The photographs are full page matte spreads of artistically inspiring content. The tagline of the mag is "the art of being a woman," and the issues are divided into sections like: Dreamer, Achiever, Hostess, Stylist, Explorer. I love the community Darling has created online as well. If you don't subscribe in print. At least follow them on insta or on their blog here.


Ahhhhh yes. As I type this I'm inhaling cardamom, birch, and cedar. These candles smell as pretty as they look. I've built up a rotating collection of them over the last few months, and quite honestly they are ruining me for all other candles. The Candlefish Library has so many scents to choose from :) check them out! 


I received my first JORD watch just a week ago and I am over the moon about it. This is a striking and unique time piece and my wrist has fallen madly in love with it! I love how JORD managed to merge classical with organic and earthy looks (right up my style alley!) As a big texture person, I try to accent my outfits with natural looks - what could be more natural than wood! Their watches are expertly crafted and feel amazing on your skin. JORD has amazing women's AND men's watches. Maybe Tyler will be in for some wrist candy soon? ;)

The watch I received is made of smooth dark sandlewood links that give the band that look of classic metal links (but its wood! did I mention that!?) The face I chose is a deep emerald color with gold hands and accents (perfect for winter + Christmas outfits!) My watch is from their Frankie series. Their packaging is astounding. The unwrapping process is like Christmas morning came early! The watch came in a carved wooden box with compartments and a drawer, that will certainly come in handy as a jewelry box! The watch came with a cleaning cloth & cleaning solution with care instructions. 

Find my watch here

JORD is hosting an amazing contest for The Treehouse readers! Enter on the contest page below for the chance to win a free watch! Get this though: every person that enters immediately gets a 25$ gift code emailed to them to use at Can I get a woot woot?

Contest ends on December 18th, 2016.



Many thanks to my friends at JORD Wood Watches for sponsoring this post!