motorcycle ride in nyc

... Is on the back of a motorcycle!

My absolute favorite thing to do in New York is, unfortunately, not an easy tourist attraction to check off the list. I live for Friday nights, when Tyler and I wait until 11 pm to hop on the back of his Harley, and cruise the city. We never plan out where we are headed (usually "anything open after 1am" is the qualifier), we just ride through Brooklyn, across the Bridge, into the city that never sleeps. 

There are certain areas of Brooklyn and Manhattan that truly don't sleep. I love driving through a quiet, calm city at 3 in the morning, then suddenly coming to a crossroads of bars, late night music, comedy shows, and 24 hour diners. 

One night, Tyler and I decided to hit the "best of" the midnight hours. Our first stop was a hole-in-the-wall doughnut shop, where a care-free barista poured us some coffee and served up the baker's first doughnuts of the morning. We zipped over to East Village for some late night bar music (only sips for Tyler since he's driving, of course). We ended the night at a classic style diner, jukebox and all. If you hadn't looked out the windows to see dark skies, you would have thought it was lunch hour, it was so packed! 

Although I love driving my scooter around, the back seat of the bike is the place to be for best views. Without the worry of driving, I can tilt my head back, and stare straight up into the sliver of sky between buildings blocks. I can see rooftop gardens, intricate architecture details, and the second story windows are just close enough for high-quality people watching ;) 

And driving home...

...across the bridge as the sunrise sparkles over the Hudson is 360 degrees of heaven. The wind rushes towards us from all sides; propelling forward, pushing back, wobbling our bodies atop two wheels. I don't want to blink. I want to memorize the lines and shapes and colors and textures. All the man-made beauty this world can offer in one 70mph moment.