farmer's market

Tyler and I went running together this morning. 

This is a rare thing. Like finding a Pikachu. It's hard for us to work out beside each other. Probably because we are so comfortable complaining! (We have set some new goals today for our health though, so hopefully many more workouts to come). Prospect Park has a lovely three-ish mile loop around that we run/walked. I even got Tyler to do my "beach butt" workout with me. 

We've both walked or driven by the Prospect Park Farmer's Market many times, but today we finally stopped to smell the fresh herbs. I love little producer markets- they're beautiful, personal, clean, and leave you with a wholesome feeling. My favorite thing I found was a pile of gourds and pumpkins and squash, ten of which are now decorating our house. I love the precious few week season switch from summer to fall! Let's call it Summall.