airbnb room tour

Here's a little look-see around our second bedroom, or as we like to call it, our Airbnb presidential suite ;) ;) ;) Check out the bottom of the post for a special code to get $35 bucks off your first Airbnb booking!

It took Tyler and I a few months to get together our own bedroom space, let alone furnish a second bedroom.  Lucky for us, my dad had held onto my old high school bedroom set: bed frame and mattresses, dresser and mirror, and nightstand - all kept in pristine condition. Though the set doesn't match my style preferences now, we didn't hesitate to accept when my dad offered to drive the whole lot out to us. I still marvel that the bed I giggled on when I got my first kiss, stayed up late with friends, and slept heavy after every basketball practice is now put to work making us hundreds of dollars a month! Repurposing you know? 

What you see now has been a work in process. Tyler and I had a lot of experience as travelers through Airbnb. When we moved to Brooklyn and got our own place, we made sure to get an extra bedroom for the purpose of Airbnb, as well as a room for our families to come visit! That has proven to be a great decision since our second bedroom has been almost completely full the last year with either guests or family members! 

Enjoy the look around. If you are a friend or family feel free to come visit us anytime (this will be your room ;) If you know someone hoping to travel to NYC, you are welcome to refer them to our Airbnb. Anyone can view + book on our Airbnb page right here

If you'd like some tips on traveling with airbnb + maybe even hosting your own place, check out my last post: airbnb diaries: traveling + hosting. 


Because Tyler & I are hosts, we got this handy dandy offer to give to friends and family. If you are interested in trying Airbnb (or already have an account and would like a discount) check the link below for a rad offer. Airbnb will give you $35 in travel credit when you either sign up or login. To put it into perspective, many great airbnb places rent out for under 70 bucks - so you're basically getting a 50% discount! Can I get a woot woot?

$35 dollar airbnb travel credit