blue hill farm


About a month ago, while on a drive north of nyc, we decided to stop by Blue Hill Farms at the Stone Barn! I'm prone to salivation induced by moar garden and greenhouse spaces... but Blue Hill is next level. Needless to say, it was all I could do to stay socially appropriate in public while walking around their barns, greenhouses, and animal pastures. 

For those who haven't heard of this place... "Blue Hill" could refer to two restaurants (this one we drove by at in a stone barn, and another near Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village, Manhattan) and the associated farm that these restaurants source most of their food from. They make the "farm to table" transition flawless by growing and providing most of the food that is served in their restaurants, here on their farm. Blue Hill is a model for smart farming practices and earth friendly business models. They rightfully have earned their place as one of the top rated restaurants in the world. 

I have had the privilege of experiencing their Greenwich Village restaurant - where the food was nothing short of spectacular. I have heard raving reviews of the upstate location based on the farm. Chef Dan Barber was featured on Netflix's Chef's Table series. Blue Hill proved one of the top few meals I've ever had. More than the taste of food (which was again, spectacular)- the whole dining experience left an unforgettable impression on me. I felt like a different person after eating here. It felt like, by putting the most carefully grown and prepared food in my body, I had consumed a piece of art made by earth and humans together.

It was with this memory, I walked through Blue Hill Farm (in awe of the heavenly place that grew & raised some of the most pure veggies, fruit, and meats I've ever ingested). As I wandered through greenhouses of lush plants and meandered around pastures of happy animals, I felt like I was touching some of the best of what the world has to offer. 

I left with the hope of someday finding a rooftop space in the city to start my own small garden.  For the moment, I'll have to satisfy myself with my window sill herb garden and lemon tree for another season!