spicing it up: gneiss spice + radicle herbs (GIVEAWAY!)


Gneiss Spice has graciously offered to give one set of 24 small magnetic jars and one 10 X 12 inch magnetic wall plate to one of our Treehouse Freehouse readers. 

To enter the Gneiss Spice Giveaway, please comment on my giveaway post on instagram @treehousefreehouse. If you do not have instagram, and would like to enter this giveaway, please send me an email. Winner will be randomly selected from all instagram and email entries on Wednesday December 6th!


This is a rags to riches tale. The story of a lowly spice cabinet turned beautiful-spice-wall-of-pretty-magnetic-jars. The fairest spice display in all the land!

Woah, woah. Before I get to ahead of myself, let's start from the beginning...

My spice collection (perhaps much like yours) was an amalgamation of different jars purchased for different recipes - some well loved (like my paprika for weekly tacos), others forgotten (like my celery seed, tucked under the baking soda and completely forgotten). I'd purchased three different jars of cinnamon, and two jars of allspice, cloves, and nutmeg each - simply because I couldn't see (or was too lazy to look) through the pile of unorganized chaos that was my spice cabinet. 

A few months ago, I came across these magnetic spice jars in the package free shop up in Williamsburg. They caught my eye because they're so lovely and well made, but then I realized that displaying my spices vertically would fix so many of my spice issues! Gneiss Spice (pronounced "Nice" Spice) jars seemed to be the answer to all my problems!!! (okay, okay, at least those related to cooking ingredients)

Not only is this spice display efficient, the glass jars provide a perfect way to convert my mostly plastic spice cabinet to a more earthy friendly, reusable container based collection. I already knew the perfect place to buy bulk spices! 

I've wandered in and out of the Radicle Herb Shop on Atlantic Ave. here in Brooklyn a number of times, occasionally buying some small amount of something fun. Last week, I waltzed in with a bag full of jars - ready to fill. I appreciate their selection of herbs and spices AND specialty blends of loose leaf teas and essential oils. Just visiting is an experience (especially for your olfactory nerves - this place smells like you're swimming in a cup of tea!). Wall to wall shelves laden with every spice you can think of and seemingly a thousand more you never knew! 

After tare-ing my jars, I selected some Himalayan pink salt, dried tarragon, turmeric root, saffron, dried lavender, star anise, and a few others. The best part of buying bulk is that you can try so many different varieties without committing to a large portion! Now I can try that lavender ice cream and try dying some linens with turmeric - without being laden with extra full sized jars in my cabinet! 

Back at home, I added my new *adventurous* spices to my current collection. I transferred my old plastic jars over to the new Gneiss Spice jars and put it all together in a lovely display on my wall. 

Gneiss Spice sends their jars with a supply of transparent labels to sticker your jars with. Their jars are high quality and the magnetic lids work flawlessly against the magnetic plate surface. Set up was as easy as four screws in the wall. 

I encourage you to look at the food packaging you use at home. There are many small, simple ways to convert your habits to create less waste - this is just one! What are some ways you have or want to reduce your kitchen waste? 

Thanks to Gneiss Spice and Radicle Herb Shop for making this post possible. Thank you to Treehouse Freehouse readers for supporting the companies that work towards a better world.