gift guide 2017

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Over the last year, I've made a point to find products and brands that promote creativity over consumerism, encourage me to slow down and simplify rather than hustle and clutter, and enable me to feel I've made intentional choices rather than swept up by circumstances. 

Until recently, I would have turned to bigger stores for my gift giving. They offer plenty of diverting and lovely things to give, however, since discovering the world of small and simple, handmade and homegrown businesses and makers, I've reworked my opinions and tastes on what makes a thoughtful gift. 

My hope is this list may help not only inspire and encourage more small, more local, and more sustainable gift giving, but that it will help you find new places to turn for your own kitchen, home, garden, and apothecary needs. 

None of the companies in this list have paid me to promote their products. This is simply a list taken out of my collection from my notes app over the last year (and spruced up a bit with some photoshop :) I hope you will find goods that enable you and yours to slow down this season and start the new year well. 

Please note: for most of these products, I've opted to use Amazon links in the interest of ease of shipping. Please refer to the products website to explore more options and to learn more. 



1.  Hario Buono Pouring Kettle: classic kettle for perfect pour over coffee 

2.  Abeego Beeswax Wrap: reusable food wrap made from beeswax 

3.  Bare Ware Lunch Bento Box: lunch waste free with stacking trays

4.  Gneiss Spice Rack: makes kitchen pretty and makes spice storage storage straightforward

5.  Chemex Pour Over: lovely and simple pour over for the morning brew

6. Coffee Sock: use with the Chemex or other pour over (keep in mind these come in many sizes)

7. ILA Olive Oil and Sea Salt: carefully selected ingredients for cooking

8. Simple Fare Fall/Winter Cookbook: by Sunday Suppers, a collection of minimal recipes for a seasonal table

9.  Facture Goods: handmade modern kitchen wares and pottery (spoons shown above)

10.  Japanese Wrapping Cloth: for gift wrapping, farmer's market, or just to keep on hand in a bag

11.  Klean Kanteen: simple and useful reusable thermos cup to have on you at all times

12.  The Kinfolk Table Cookbook: inspiring and beautiful food inspiration

13. Crane Cookware: frying pan shown above - looks incredibly sleek, feels even better in your hand

14. Primary Essentials Hand Towels: high quality & good lookin'

15. Fat & Felt Pinch Pot: I use these every day - perfect size

16.  Stasher Bags: get rid of the zip locks in exchange for this reusable bag for snacks


garden thfh gg 2017.png


1.  Urban Botanics Book: beautiful illustrations of indoor plants along with care advice

2.  Floral Shears: useful for more than just pretty photos 

3.  Wild Dyer Book: perfect for the adventurous homesteader 

4.  Copper Indoor Watering Can: timeless and well crafted 

5.  Glazed Pottery: indoor and outdoor use with many sizes

6. Earth Fired Clay Pot: textured earthy feel makes plants feel right at home

7.  Woven Market Basket: grab blooms en route 

8.  Bosomere Copper Markers: write on these pretty markers to keep garden organized

9.  Harvest Unexpected Plant Projects: beautiful and inspiring home decor and food projects 

10.  Dewit 3 Tool Garden Set: great and reliable quality. perfect for small gardens

wear thfh gg 2017.png


1.  Baggu Grocery Tote: light and compact. I have 3 on hand always

2.  ONA camera bag: perfect size to carry camera equipment or other items through travels

3.  Eberjey robe: soft as a cloud 

4.  Urban Shepherds Boots: Portugal-made artisan leather boots and shoes

5.  State The Label: my favorite piece of clothing - goes over everything

6.  Elizabeth Suzann Clyde Pants: comfy meets convenient 

7.  Black Crane Bud Dress: classic and artistic


home thfh gg 2017.png


1. Oak & Leather Folding Stool: perfect apartment addition for small get togethers 

2. Uashmama Washable Bag: many sizes for multiple uses 

3. Black Bolga Basket: gather toys, knitting, books, dog toys

4. House of C Mudcloth Pillow: texture and dimension accent

5. Wabi Sabi for Artists, Designers, Poets, & Philosophers: more than a design philosophy

6. Cereal New York Guide: find hidden gems 

7. East Fork Egg Vase: mostly in love with everything on this site. here's my fave vase 

8. The Kinfolk Entrepreneur: makers and shakers from around the world - beware dreaming ahead

9. Wire Organization Basket: save yourself from drawer-pocalyse and organize yo shit

10. Mae Woven Quito Pillow: made of soft alpaca for cuddling nirvana

11. Humble Ceramics Containers: show stopper shelf addition



1. Le Labo Hand Pomade:  deep scent and moisture penetration - stays with you all day

2. Aesop Remove: strips makeup while rejuvenating skin

3. Coco Rose Body Polish: luscious yet subtle

4. Bergamote 22 Perfume: maybe just buy this one for yourself?

5. Neakita Wisdom Loose Leaf Tea: thoughtful blend 

6. Aesop Resurrection Hand Balm: keep it with you always