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Bergen felt a bit like walking through a painting; colors, textures, layers - not a finished work, but rather, perpetually in process. 

We stayed on the Nordnes side of the harbor, in an yellow-painted home only accessible via a single winding lane that was impossibly steep, and friendly only to those on foot. The airbnb we found was one of our favorites, and, at such a good price for Norway (may have had to do with the weather!) 

While we only romped around this fjord town for a few days, we managed to see a good bit. According to a friend at college here, "there isn't much to see anyways." He was wrong, of course, but I find that attitude in many places I visit! Once a Japanese man informed me that the green mountains of the Kiso Valley were "only mundane, for we see it always." 

As someone who was merely passing through, however, I found Bergen to be a soul searching city. One that enables you to slow down just enough to ask yourself if you really are on the path of life you want to be.

We found some great places while here. Even if you only have a few days, you can see a lot, even on foot. 

Bergen Norway


Our Airbnb: an small home that sleeps four with kitchen. Great deal, good host.


Daily Pot: lots of soups and breads - they name their soups after the colors of veggies that go into them. perfect lunch stop

Pingviven: best bar we found (with great food too!) bar tender was super friendly and we spent the better part of an evening tasting local beers and chatting. 

Folk & Rovere: cool local bar stop alongside iconic street

Apollon: record shop and bar. huge selection of local Norway brews. 



Bergen Wharf: you actually cannot miss it. I love the colorful facade of the shops along the water. If you look closely you can see the crooked lines of the buildings from the 14th century. The shops along here are fun as well.

Fish Market: one of the cleanest fish markets I've been in, with super friendly staff.

Floibanen Funicular: takes you up mount Floyen for an amazing arial view of the city. 

Nordes Homes: this is where we stayed, and spent a lot of time walking around. Mostly residential, but many of my photos came from these picturesque streets.



Ravarene: Bulk food grocery store. Great selection of snacks and ingredients if you're staying a while. 

Aksdal: lovely rain gear shop. who knew raincoats could be this fashionable? where rain gear is a 2/3 of the year thing - rain gear should look good!

Pepper: boutique shop with lots of different clothing options and accessories 


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