small space living

Tyler & I have been working really hard to keep our apartment always looking it's best. As Airbnb hosts, that rarely have a night that we DON'T have guests - it's even more important for our space to be in tip top shape. The kitchen is the most highly trafficked area - tyler and I are in and out in the morning, guests make themselves eggs and coffee, I come home from work and cook messy dinners! It's taken a while for us to perfect these skills (ok ok we haven't gotten there yet...) but these tips are terrifically useful for making our kitchen run smoothly and look pretty! 

1. Let your inner Marie Kondo loose:

First, go through all your "stuff" and get rid of items you don't use. Declutter! Don't let your subconscious convince you that "someday I'll use these wooden skewers!" or "I've been meaning to put that *insert obscure appliance here* to use!" NO! Just throw it away and never look back. Kondo even goes so far as to say that you need to take each itemTyler and I don't wait for some "spring cleaning" moment - we purge regularly. It frees up space we need for living in a small place. Not only that, it makes your space much more intentional. You can be feel confident that you're actively are choosing to keep certain things in your life, rather than passively collecting piles of meaningless clutter (which easily happens in the kitchen!) If you want more tips from the Queen of intentional living - read Marie Kondo's book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

2. Everything needs a home:

Everything. Each fork. Every little glass. Each cookbook. Every item in your kitchen needs to have a home in an exact location. I'm even OCD enough to have the items facing a certain way in their home :) If you came in and rummaged through our kitchen I would be able to put every loose water bottle and each stray taper candle back in the exact location it came from. Once every item has a home- you can be sure to avoid that random pile of homeless stuff that builds up on counters and shelves. Organizing your kitchen is easy - it's the daily upkeep that is hard. Don't fall into the temptation of lazily setting that spice jar in the drawer on the left, when you know it's home is in the cabinet to the right. Don't you dare throw that can opener 

3. Less is more:

Be logical about what items MUST be on the counter, and which can be tucked in easy drawers, versus the stuff that you can place in the back of cabinets. We've found that our kitchen can look cluttered pretty easily, so we try and keep only the appliances and items that are used daily or almost daily on counter tops (and the kitchen aid haha which i'll admit, I only use once every few weeks!) We have about 4 feet of useable counter space and the island, so we have to keep them clear to have any room to cook & eat!

4. Keep happy things around:

My vases with flowers, tiny tea light votives, fresh fruit bowls, photos on the fridge, & pretty cookbooks all make me genuinely so happy just to look at. Arguably the most important of this list, you've gotta be inspired in your kitchen.