bang for your buck

Yes, this is a post about my haircut! 

Probs overkill... but I posted about Tyler's haircut and I might be juuuuust a little jealous of all the attention he got ;)

I finally got bangs! and people... I love them. Evidence of my love? The increase of selfies in my photo stream in the last week. Initially I wanted to get a haircut just to mix things up, but I genuinely think bangs & blunt ends work really well with my face shape. *three cheers* I'll probably be rocking these for a good while. My biggest concern was that bangs would cover up my eyebrows... which, I'll admit, are one of my favorite features ;) Luckily my sweet hairstylist @ Fox & Jane Salon in Brooklyn was like "no prob, I got you" and gave me a really great cut that just grazes my eyebrows! #YAY

If your biting your nails over trying a new haircut, stop. Not only is that bad for your nails, it's bad for your soul. Trying new things with your look can remind you that you can work anything you put your confidence behind! Go slay.