mountains of nyc

"oh brooklyn, brooklyn, take me in." - Avett Bros

I'm a big fan of New York City, but I'm especially in love with Brooklyn. And of all the things I like about Brooklyn, (at the risk of sounding mega cliche + touristy)... my favorite thing is the Brooklyn Bridge! I wish I lived close enough that daily walks/runs across could be a thing in my life. *siiiiigh*

Luckily - we have lots of visitors and many opportunities to B.B. it up. Preston, Tyler's youngest sib came to town this past weekend, and was at least *accepting* of a walk across the bridge. I always try to be a good tour guide and tell all the interesting stories about the bridge (like the elephant crossing story!) and try to warn people that walking in the bike lane will lead to certain death (or at least severe cursing).

The Brooklyn Bridge represents connection to me. haha funny... since it's a bridge right? Pardon the pun, but hear me out. What I mean is - to me, both the Brooklyn and the Manhattan Bridges are like my mountains of New York City. The feeling I get on the bridges makes me feel connected to Utah. The harbor air on the bridges is crisp and clean like at the top peaks of the Canyons. I can see for miles in all directions over "hills and valleys" of skyscrapers, like the pine covered faces of Park City mountains. I feel the wind rush against my face at the crest of the walkway as if I'm riding up the lift on a powder day.

aaaah... my new york mountains. ;)