Tyler is often the one "in charge" of making the trip tribute videos (and maybe I'll need to post a few of them on my channel too!), but I decided that shouldn't stop me from jumping in the videography pool too! It was so easy to always have him do the work, but since my sisters and I got out first Camcorder when I was 12, I've loved creating/acting/editing "movies."

That being said, this is my first youtube-posted-video ever! It was so fun to create and I've learned a lot about how to make *home videos* even better. Who knows? One day maybe I'll have my own drone and stabilizer. HAHA! okay a girl can dream. 

Watching through this footage was poignant in light of the recent terrorist attacks. I hope, in some small way, this video can pay tribute to the city of London. I loved my time here and have an outpouring of love and respect for people who call London home. All my best to friends across the pond. :)