all nighter in scotland

Better late than never! I finally pieced together the footage from our less-than-24-hour layover in Edinburgh! It was such a memorable night I just had to share!!! 

Since we had such a short amount of time, we didn't even go to sleep. Instead we pulled an all nighter, which was easy since it was Saturday night and all the bars were open late! It was so crazy to see late night partying flooding the streets. If you wanna have a crazy weekend, head to Edinburgh. In the early morn, we hiked to King Arthur's Seat and watched the sunrise. This hike was the perfect length, about an hour up and 30 down, but we got magnificent city views of the castle and circling churches and houses. Having zero sleep made the whole experience that much better. I'll never forget that whirlwind night, and can't wait to go back to do the city justice. 

Watch our adventure here :)