la la land

Sometimes I joke that I almost have as many matching passport stamps with Joey as I do with Tyler. Tyler and I met Joey in Jerusalem, as a part of a study abroad program through BYU. After wandering the Old City for a semester, we walked away friends.

Tyler and I would both call Joey one of our dearest friends; the type of friend that won't forget you if you move away to NYC. Lucky for us, Joey felt the same way, and asked BOTH tyler and I to be his groomsman and groomswoman, respectively ;P for his spring wedding in L.A. 

We were stoked to get the chance to run around Los Angeles for a weekend. Here are some memories of wedding day (featuring Joey making his own wedding cake!) + reception (featuring beautiful wildflower strewn tables) + some adventures in la la land (featuring the Griffith Observatory... but no flying around the dome singing unfortunately :)