hawaii travels

A week in Hawaii and I’m proud to say I went paddle boarding and ate at food trucks every single day! Tyler’s dad, Rick was our amazing host while we beach bummed around. It was the perfect mix of family, sun, salt, and and long drives. We stayed on the North Shore of Oahu and for the most part spent our days between paddle boarding and sitting on the beach.

The North Shore has a fun current that runs you along the coast, so a few times we took the boards out and packed a few drinks in a cooler and floated down the current for hours. I prefer paddle boarding to surfing, because one - I can do it, and two - I don’t get a ton of water up my nose when I fall off. It’s just so relaxing and simple. I’ve never spent a week straight going out to the ocean each day… I feel in love with the roll of waves through the clear water. So much that when I went to bed each night, I still felt like I was rocking up and down (you know that feeling!) 

If you’re planning a trip to Oahu anytime soon… check out my Oahu Local Guide. I’m going to start sharing our travels in “Local Guides” for cities/areas we travel to. I value travel advice of others and always appreciate a trip that takes me away from touristy areas and towards more local spots.

Fittingly, I watched Moana for the first time while in Hawaii. Probably the reason I chose some Lin- Manuel for this movie :) I think it makes us look pretty legit… maybe too legit. haha

We got a drone while in Hawaii and our first ever footage is in this movie! Tyler and I both tried flying it - super fun, but also crazy nerve wracking! For those interested, we got the Mavic Pro by DJI. It had great reviews and after a number of product vids and blog reads we took the leap. It was super fun to play around with in Japan too. Not sure what we’re going to do with it in NYC since there are some pretty strict drone laws in cities. We’ll see if we can make some drone pilot friends and get pro tips. 

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swim suit from Albion Fit

stripped dress from Echo + Atlas