punta mita, mexico

Our trip to Punta de Mita could be summed up in a few words; ocean, pool, food, exploring… and I can let the pictures speak for themselves.The best parts of the trip were those subtle, almost secret family moments that words can’t do justice for. But I can try :) 

I am the oldest of four girls. With three younger sisters, I’ve been in the fortunate position my whole life to feel like a leader. I like knowing that I have Alyssa, Laura, and Natalie (henceforth, *the sisters* ;) looking up to me, even if for no other reason than to just “see how I did it.” 

Sometimes I can forget there’s another element to our relationship, however. I get an immeasurable amount of joy and confidence just being in their presence. Their love and understanding unlocks the deepest part of my soul that holds energy of childhood and feelings from a time where these three were my whole world. We rarely can get everyone together other than for weddings or holidays with a lot of events and other people to distract us. 

Mexico was different. We really had no where to go and no place to be. We could sit by the pool and talk, we could run in the ocean and play. We stayed up late playing games, we took afternoon naps on each others shoulders.  The *sisterhood powers* didn’t switch immediately. It took a few days to dust off those parts of our hearts and oil the subconscious jokes we kept stored. Rediscovering that power was precious. I want that around more. 

Again, it's the subtle things that meant the most this week. Like watching Tyler teach sisters new board games, or seeing Jackson (sister’s husband) dance for our quirky videos. Watching mom serve up breakfast for everyone or seeing her familiar figure reading a beside the pool. The constant stream of jokes based off Lord of the Rings, Teen Girl Squad, and random Grenfell family humor. It was a great week. All of that goodness, with sprinkles of beach sand on top, made for a delicious week. 

My takeaway from this trip is to see more of my sisters. It’s really hard to make that happen with them in Utah or Kentucky and Tyler & I in NYC, but I’m going to try to find a way! ...even if I have to settle for more FaceTime.

Here are some favorite memories from this trip. We had a blast exploring the local areas of Punta Mita and Sayulita. Trying local food, walking around, dancing around. Watch our lip syncing video from the trip in my last post!