becoming a pilot

I'm a week late to announcing this news on my blog, but most of you probably saw on instagram anyways! 

I passed my private pilot written exam! 

Now, before anyone thinks I can fly a plane (as much as that picture might lead to you to think so!), let me stop you right there! Becoming a pilot is a multi step, multi faceted endeavor. To receive a private pilots license one has to pass a written, oral, and practical exam (and a few other medical and misc. requirements). So, you could say, I am a theoretical pilot. haha

I am fortunate to have a husband who has carefully educated and patiently instructed me for so many hours in the cockpit. In addition to helping me study and master the concepts for the written test, we have had discussions about aerodynamic principles, practiced reading avionics equipment, and spent time before each flight reading charts and mapping routes with me. 

I literally couldn't have done it with out him (at least, not as fast as I was able to!) Each flight we have taken together, Tyler teaches me something new. He has laid groundwork for three years, and I know he is proud of me for finally taking this step! Here's to the rest of the process to becoming a pilot! I'll keep you updated! 

Here are a few pictures from our latest flight across country from NYC to Utah (we did it in 5 legs I believe!) This was our leg over the rocky mountains between Denver and Salt Lake.