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at Kaela Point

at Kaela Point

I can’t wait to go back to Oahu. Maybe it’s the reality of being on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, but there’s something powerful about Oah’u. As someone who only has a little experience with the Hawaiian Islands, I’m not the most qualified to recommend spots to see and places to eat, but this is a list I hope to develop and add to as I return to Oah’u (and hopefully the rest of the Islands) many more times! 

For now, enjoy some photography from around Oahu, and my recommendations for what to eat and do and where to shop and go in Oahu. I pinned all these great spots on a map (link at the bottom) you can download for your next trip to Oahu. (side note: i'll hopefully be making these wander guides more for some of the trips we've been taking.. stay tuned for our Japan one!)

If you are an Oahu traveller/local yourself, please add or link to any more great spots (for me and others) to enjoy any time we’re “in the area” .... HA when are you ever just “in the area” of Hawaii!? ;)

Between North Shore, Laie, & Honolulu… here are some of our top favorite spots for Oahu:



The Spot: one of many food trucks in the area. amazing selection of native foods and awesome beach snacks. go for breakfast and try the EPMOC burritos and cayenne lemonade.

Angel's Ice Cream: if it's frozen and sweet, they have it. with a menu that fills their entire back wall, you'll find any sweet combo to cool you off. 

Seven Brothers: local surfy spot with only good food. try the macadamia fried shrimp. you can thank me later. 

Wili Wili's Snow Cone Heaven: they're real big snow cones...  nuff said. 

Ted's Bakery: super local bakery + restaurant with great hours. try the donuts and be warned, portions are gigantic for their entrees



Turtle Bay: pretty resort spot (could stay here too) in between two picturesque bays. try surf lessons here or launch paddle boards into the water on their beach. poolside snacks too!

Pipeline House + Surfing: iconic spot for north shore. check out the Volcom house, where most surfing competitions are filmed out of. you can't go in, but admire from the beach. if you happen to be here during peak season (winter), check out the surfing competition on pipeline's gigantic waves. 

Kaena Point + Trails: beautiful state park on the corner of the island. go at sunset for breathtaking  mountain light. if you plan in advance you can get permits to off road on the trails here (good for any 4 wheel drive vehicle) great hiking and biking trails here too.



Echo + Atlas: my shopping was limited, as I was in my swim suit about 90% of the time. but this is one shop I can truly rave about... I dropped a few hundred bucks here too because I loved it so much. amazing taste from the owner/designer. lots of home goods and unique gift items. i loved the clothes selections curated from many European designers... ahh beauty. 



Click here for access to google map with each of these locations pinned with my notes! you can also download map for offline use!

paddle board shop right outside food truck area (the spot)

paddle board shop right outside food truck area (the spot)

outside the volcom house at pipeline break

outside the volcom house at pipeline break

volcom house

volcom house