brooklyn botanic garden

My sister, Alyssa, and her husband Jackson, are moving to New York City! 

This is a dream come true. I can't count the number of times in the last few years, since moving to NYC, that I either silently or out loud wished that I could have a sister near. This solves practically the only problem I have with New York! (now if I can get a decent mountain to snowboard on, I'll never leave!!!) 

Alyssa is my next-younger-sister. We've shared most of the big moments of life; from our mormon missions to our marriages (and some of the small moments like working at Dairy Queen in rural Kentucky!). It warms my heart that she will be near enough now that we can share this phase of life too. I'm more than happy... i'm *content.* Just pure satisfaction with this new development of life. 

Having a sis around has practical benefits (besides someone to work out with, talk for hours with and laugh with) ...we also love taking photos together :) We spent a day at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. This place is heaven! And it's free on Tuesdays! Maybe we should call it "get into heaven free day!"

Here're some botanical blooms and bodacious babes (that's my sis and me, in case anyone was wondering).