dumbo guide

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Maybe the most picturesque part of NYC (I should know, I carry a camera everywhere I go ;), is DUMBO on the water's edge in Brooklyn. "DUMBO," an acronym for "down under the manhattan bridge overpass," is a tiny area of Brooklyn between the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges. Flanked by these two giants, and facing the entire skyline of Manhattan, DUMBO is home to some of the best businesses, shopping, and events in Brooklyn. 

With only 30 acres of space, DUMBO packs everything in, making it easy to see a lot with less walking. Sundays are my DUMBO days, because my favorite Flea Market is held under the bridge archway. Enjoy some photos from a sister date in Dumbo a few weeks ago, and my top plays to see, restaurants to eat, and things to do! 



Brooklyn Bridge Park: between the bridges, and extending to the lower side of Brooklyn Bridge; always things to see and do, or just a beautiful place to sit and talk. find current events on website.

The Fence (2017 only): a highlight for me, the fences around the Manhattan bridge are covered in pretty canvas prints of local emerging artist's work. feels like a secret gallery walk - no ticket needed! 

Brooklyn + Manhattan Bridges: you literally can't miss them. If you want the quintessential (and highly "instagrammable") dumbo photo - head to the corner of Water & Washington Streets to have the Empire State Building framed between the bridge posts.



Atrium: green market meets French style in a huge two level space. 

Superfine: mediterranean inspired menu. quirky eclectic spot

Smile To Go: my favorite. STG is making me so happy that they're opening up more locations from their original spot in SoHo. Delicious veggie rich food prepared in new ways. Grab a box and eat on the water. 



Farmer's Market: (Wednesday 11am - 7pm) amazing market in amazing venue. Come with a bag to pack home organic and home made goods from New York State farmers and makers.

Brooklyn Flea: (Sunday 10am - 5pm, April - October) amazing vendors with wide range of flea goods from furniture to vintage clothing to vintage maps and prints, etc. don't forget to grab a Dough Donut as you shop. 

Live at the Archway: (weekly June - September) free weekly concerts under the overpass. amazing venue with beer and wine sales from the landlocked lighthouse. 

Jane's Carousel: probably best with kids (i've never done this bc of that) but a heart warming sight either way. maybe the best location a carousel could ever dream of. 

Walk Brooklyn Bridge: head to the Washington and Prospect Streets intersection to find the underpass entrance to the Bridge (a better spot to enter in my opinion) 



Shinola: shockingly high quality goods (journals, candles, bikes, leathers) an experience just walking in and window shopping

Empire Stores: that big beautiful renovated warehouse on the water? the new empire shopping center with about a million interesting places to shop (including west elm's flagship) make sure to climb the glass steps all they way up and get the best views of manhattan and the bridges. 

powerHouse Books: hard to miss the giant windowed warehouse of books next to the overpass. this place is a loose 2 hours quick sort of stop. grab a few new books, take a seat on the church pews and read your afternoon away.

Natchie: small corner art store by Dumbo Artist with whimsical art.