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You’ve heard your friend who raved about the "Eiffel Tower views" they have from their loft in Paris, talked with that tanned co-worker back from their beach front villa in Puerto Rico, or listened to the clerk at Trader Joes rave about that deal he got on a riad in Marrakech.

You’ve ALSO probably heard your cousin anguish about their divey apartment stay in Portland, their weirdo host in Dublin or (heaven forbid) that time all their jewelry was stolen from their flat in Rome. (FYI all the above are true positive and negative stories I’ve heard!)

Without a doubt - Airbnb has led to some of the best and worst travel memories for so many of their millions of users. I’ve had my share of ups and downs, to be sure (though no horror stories *knock on wood*). Traveling with Airbnb does come with certain risks, but in my experience the rewards far outweigh. 

My husband, Tyler, and I have been Airbnb hosts for almost three years. We’ve been traveling (almost exclusively) using Airbnb for five years. If I had to guess, I’d bet we’ve stayed in around 40 Airbnbs in about 10 countries & 8 states. We’ve been through the process of choosing where in big cities to stay, going through the booking, actually locating the (sometimes tucked away) apartments, and cohabiting the same space with strangers. 

Here’s our advice for traveling with Airbnb. We’ve seen the gamut: from Airbnbs smack dab in the hustle and bustle of cities to tiny cabins tucked in the mountains only accessible by snowshoes. Some of this advice may be more useful for some situations over others, so really consider your own travel desires. 

Download the complete "Airbnb Traveler's Guide to the Galaxy" right here:

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If you're thinking about hosing on Airbnb (which by the way, if you have an extra bedroom you totally should!), USE THIS LINK to start your hosting account today! (We get a bonus on Airbnb so please

Tyler & I make over half of my salary from Airbnb-ing our second bedroom. It takes us one to two hours a week to communicate with guests and clean the extra bedroom. Having an extra person or two staying with you isn't as inconvenient as you may think - often times we have guests that we literally only see when we check them in and give them keys. It's so easy - we like to joke that we're making money in our sleep! We've hosted over 200 guests from all over the world - met some incredible people who are still friends. 

If you would like an Airbnb hosting guide (similarly comprehensive to this Traveling Guide) let me know in the comments!