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There are many people more qualified to write a guide about Paris. I recognize this, therefore, please not that this is in no way a comprehensive guide to Paris. For that, I'd recommend:

Cereal Mag : Paris Guide Book 


Local Milk

These are all great guides my travel companions (my sister, Alyssa, and good friend Sora) and I all pulled from to plan our trip! You'll certainly see overlap of things they recommend with my own suggestions!

Disclaimers aside, I will say, we did a damn fine job milking Paris for all we could in a few short days. From a history rich bike tour to hidden gems right near our Airbnb... we loved Paris. Maybe it was my new camera lens (50mm) or maybe Paris is particularly photogenic, but I was pleased with the shots I got just wandering around! The levels of the roof tops, the textures of stone and metal and wood meeting cobblestones and planter boxes. The overcast white skies. The quintessential quaintness of it all! 

But first, a few memories I will treasure:

sitting outside of Maison Plisson, sipping rosé and nibbling at cheeses and meats atop perfectly crusted rolls

meandering through Le Marais' shopping district popping into small boutiques and cute coffee houses

peacefully watching the Seine flow between the east and west banks along a walk (and then not so peacefully running for cover in a downpour)

all the croissants 

*And one memory I won't treasure: being stopped in the metro without a ticket (because I had stupidly thrown it away) and having to pay a 50 euro fine! PSA - keep your train tickets! They crack down HARD. 

Certainly, everyone should spend some time in Paris at some point in their lives. I left France with only a slight regret that I didn't have a few more weeks to wander around outside of the city. Someday soon! Enjoy this guide from some of our favorites we managed to find in a short time! 



Les Philosophes

Maison Plisson

Pain De Mie Carre 

Le Procope

Le Danton: small cafe near Procope


Las du falafel: the whole street was full of falafel! 

Wild and the Moon: kinda busy when we went, but a fun space for local millennial Parisians 

Nanashi: cute and tasty Japanese fusion space

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Airbnb History Bike Tour: YES YES YES you must do this. You guys know I'm medium passionate about Airbnb, and VERY passionate about Airbnb bike tours - we had THE BEST guides (in both Paris and Rome actually) that led us to some of the best experiences of the whole trip. To put it bluntly - we had a rainy cold day on pedals, and we walked away super happy! 

Seine River Bank: make sure to spend part of a day just wandering or biking along the river. Such beautiful colors and views and lively sights. 

Catacombs: Definitely not for the faint of heart or stomach, but you will see 10s of 1,000s of human skeletons if you're into that. A great walk of history of Paris and provides interesting commentary on human poverty throughout history. 

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Jardin de Palais Royal: incredible garden space within the old palace pre-Versailles. 

Oeden market

Arenes de Lutece: this is an old Roman amphitheater (think half a colosseum) but instead of being ticketed and surrounded by a museum, it's been turned into a park where you can walk, play soccer, and picnic in the overgrown ruins. V charming.

Church of Saint-Sulpice: has some fascinating paintings with history of the French Revolution painted into them. Get a guide or a book before going.

Versailles Palace: yeah it's worth the trip.

Le Procope: for history buffs - this is the oldest cafe in Paris, where good 'ol Ben Frank and T.J. used to hang their hats to talk revolution over drinks. Really cool alleyway behind here - designed for guillotine performances. 

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Boutique Noe: pretty designed clothing and fun home furnishings 

Chocolate Alain Ducasse: you will die for this. check hours to go while this quaint tucked away chocolate factory is making their chocolate! 

Blue de Cognac: awe-inspiring clothing goods store that makes garments died with a specific French flower - resulting in all blue clothing. There are great shops along this same street too! 

Maison Plisson: go here for local French beers, amazing selection of artisan cheeses and meats and treats.... best place we found to buy gifts (although all the beer I bought for Tyler to share with me was stolen from our luggage!) 

Castor Fleuriste: This flower shop is tucked into a ivy filled courtyard - It was the prettiest flower shop with lovely Parisian ceramics that I SO WISH I had just splurged for! 

Polaine: bakery with a damn good aesthetic. 

Merci: Every guide will tell you to go here, so you probably should. It's worth the stop just to get a picture with the pink car out front ;) 

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these areas seemed fun and hip - especially because they were tucked away from tourist mains

Le Marias (4th ard.): this is where we stayed at this airbnb (host was very nice, but space was just okay. What it lacked in "fancy" it made up for in location. If you're willing to sacrifice to be in the heart of an awesome part of the city - it's a good choice. 

Oberkampf: walked through here, just lots of fun restaurants and cool spots!

Oeden: seemed a little slower and more secluded  - had a few fun markets and outdoor parks I really liked. 

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