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rooftop farm at the brooklyn grange

This rooftop farm spans over 3 buildings' rooftops in Brooklyn. The farm roof we went to hosted greenhouses, a chicken coop, apiaries, a farmers market, huge composting operation, and a farmer's market stand with the seasonal haul. We walked around on a short tour that answered many questions, but left me with so many more! I'm fascinated by the whole operation and hungry to take more classes and get my hands *literally* dirty.

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dumbo guide

Maybe the most picturesque part of NYC (I should know, I carry a camera everywhere I go ;), is DUMBO on the water's edge in Brooklyn. "DUMBO," an acronym for "down under the manhattan bridge overpass," is a tiny area of Brooklyn between the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges. Flanked by these two giants, and facing the entire skyline of Manhattan, DUMBO is home to some of the best businesses, shopping, and events in Brooklyn. 

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