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apples from upstate

My sister + brother in law and Ty and I drove up north last weekend for some apple picking adventures. We didn't get the brisk fall sweater weather I'd imagined - instead, it was 90 degrees and sweltering. We went to Outhouse Orchards near North Salem, NY. They had a nice set up with a cute barn with LOTS of pretty veggies to pick from, apple cider, pies, and gourds, galore! We picked a gigantic bag of apples for about $35. I'm using the verb "picked" very loosely here. We spent many hours just sitting under the shade of the trees, hiding from the heat. At the rate of one apple every 10 minutes, we slothfully (and sweatily) filled our bag. 

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becoming a pilot

Now, before anyone thinks I can fly a plane (as much as that picture might lead to you to think so!), let me stop you right there! Becoming a pilot is a multi step, multi faceted endeavor. To receive a private pilots license one has to pass a written, oral, and practical exam (and a few other medical and misc. requirements). So, you could say, I am a theoretical pilot. haha

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